Thursday, April 14, 2016

Dr. Boogie: Keeping Rock n Roll Roused in the West

The beauty of being in a rock n roll band these days is that there are so many influences to draw from.  A band now can take a little from this jar, a little from that one and create something extraordinary.  That’s exactly what L.A.’s Dr. Boogie have done.  They take the charisma from bands like the Rolling Stones and T-Rex, the groove of Mott the Hoople, and the Faces, and the energy late 70’s punk like The Damned and The Boys.  This band has come up with an electrifying new spin on dirty glam, blues kissed rock n roll.  Not only can these guys play, but Dr. Boogie are the type of people that when they walk into a room, you know they’re the band.  I don’t think there’s a finer dressed musical group this side of the mighty Mississippi. Dr. Boogie are the type of band that keeps rock n roll alive.  It may not be in the mainstream much anymore, but was it ever really meant to be?  This type of music thrives better in dimly lit clubs as opposed to sports arenas anyway. 

Interview by J Castro

Let’s start by telling us who is in Dr. Boogie and what does everyone do in the band:
JEFF: Chris P. - Vocals/Guitar, Dustin James - Lead Guitar, Jeff Turpin - Bass, Luis Herrera - Drums

How did you all meet and decide to play music together?
JEFF: I met Dustin back when we were both in High School.  We were both into the same type of shit so we hit it off immediately.  We started playing music together shortly thereafter and have been playing side by side in bands ever since.  We both met Luis while playing in one of our first bands.  Our bands used to play together and then after ours disbanded we started a new group and asked Luis to come in on drums.  When we met Chris we were all looking for each other without knowing it.  Our minds were exactly in tune with one another and that is how Dr. Boogie began.  From the first time we sat down and ran through some material we knew right away that this was something special.  

How would you describe the kind of music you play to your grandparents? 
JEFF: That much needed kick in the teeth that this generation has needed for years.  

What band or musician first inspired you to want to learn how to play a musical instrument?
JEFF: The Germs  

What would you say is your favorite part about making music: writing it, recording, performing, or something else? 
JEFF: That's a tough one because they all come along with their own rewards.  I think without it all we would feel like there was something missing.  To only to do one thing without the others would eventually run its course.  

Speaking of recording, you guys have your debut LP out soon on 
Deadbeat Records.  Can you tell me a bit about it?  
JEFF: The album is out now and we couldn't be happier with it.  We worked with a longtime friend and very talented engineer Gabe Lowry on the record over at Fox Force Five Recorders in Los Angeles, CA.  Without Gabe and that specific studio I don't think we would have been able to capture the sound that we were looking for on this record.  Everyone played a pivotal role in creating and recording this album.  

Gotta Get Back To New York City LP released on Dead Beat Records 

You guys just got back from a West Coast Tour.  Can you tell me how you feel    it went and share your favorite moment of the tour with us? 
JEFF: The tour went great.  We were able to play with a lot of great bands and make a lot of new friends and fans.  The best moment had to be the show that we did with Dick Dale at The Ritz in San Jose.  Being able to share the stage with a guy like that and play in front of a sold out show at a venue of that size was definitely a great way to end the tour.  

Dr. Boogie is currently based in Los Angeles, CA.   What is the local music “scene” 
like now over there?  Do you ever feel competition between bands with so much going on? 
JEFF: The music scene is very scattered with so many people out here trying to do their thing.  It has gotten a lot better over the last few years with more and more rock 'n roll bands surfacing but the clubs out here don't seem to have as much to offer as they may in other places across the country.  

I was reading an interview with a former drummer for The Cramps and he was saying how guarded Lux and Ivy were with their image, to the point where they were imprisoned by it.  How important do you think having a certain appearance or presence is to a rock n roll band?  Do you feel more bands these days should pay more attention to that sort of thing? 
JEFF: Obviously image and aesthetic have pretty much gone hand in hand in rock 'n roll since day one and it actually is rather important to pay attention to.  You got to have it all.  Not just the look, not just the music, not just the attitude.  It’s a combination of it all.  

Do you feel kids now days miss out on anything growing up with electronic music and listening to digital albums? 
JEFF: Yea, soul

What is the best piece of advice you’ve read or have been told that you still live by to this day? 
JEFF: If you want it done right, do it yourself.  

Where can people go to hear and buy your music?
JEFF: Our music is available on vinyl and CD on dead-beat-records as well as digitally on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, etc.  We also have a 7 inch available on (Italy)  

What’s ahead in 2016 for Dr. Boogie? 
JEFF: We are heading out for a US/Canada tour in April/May.  And then we'll be at the Fuck You We Rule OK festival in Tulsa, OK in July.  Also, going to try to get back into the studio to knock out some more tracks that we have been working on since the release of our debut record Gotta Get Back To New York City.

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Be sure to catch them on their upcoming Spring Tour! 

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