Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Teenage Bubblegums

Teenage Bubblegums
       In their halcyon days, Teenage Bubblegums used to write and sing love songs. According to the band those days are long gone. Much like one who has had their first taste of heartbreak after the initial “puppy love” period, Teenage Bubblegums have filled their new LP, Days of Nothing with nothing, but “[s]adness, darkness, pain, suffering and death.” No, they haven’t become Bauhaus, but the songs are a little faster, darker and meaner, but still retain an underlying pop-punk charm.

Interview by J Castro

Who is currently in the band and what does everyone do in it?
ALLY: We are a power trio.
Ally Bubblegum, Bass and Vocal
Billy Bubblegum, Guitar and Vocal
Mingu Bubblegum, Drums

How did you all meet and decide to play music together?
ALLY: Billy and I are brother and sister in real life so we started to play music together since we were both young. After some years, we decided to start a band. We met Mingu at the show, with his old band and damn; he was so good. We started to play together in the basement of my home. It was magical.

What band or musician first inspired you to want to pick up an instrument and learn to play and/or write music?
ALLY: When Billy and I were young we used to listen to Ramones and stuff like that. Mingu came out from hardcore before he met us.

How would you describe you band to your grandparents?
ALLY: We are good guys. Just it.

What sorts of things do you typically enjoy writing songs about? 
ALLY: Sadness, darkness, pain, suffering and death. We used to play love songs only but love is a thing of the past.

I’ve heard people say that playing and writing music is therapeutic to them.  Have you ever found this to be true?
ALLY: Sort of. Writing about some painful things in your life is kind of an atonement.

Does it annoy you or distract you at all to see some of your audience members fondling their phones while you’re up on stage performing?
ALLY: We don’t care.

After one of your shows, what sort of feeling or sentiment do you hope your audience walks away with? 
ALLY: The same feeling we have when we listen to a cool band or see a cool show. I still really hope that people will listen to our album the day after.

What is your favorite album to listen to from start to finish?
ALLY: The Creeps - Eulogies

What’s the best advice anyone has ever given you that you still follow to this day?
ALLY: Keep doing what you’re doing. Go on stage, switch on the instruments, play non-stop for 20 minutes, switch off the instruments, go off stage.

What is the best way people can hear and get a hold of your music?
ALLY: You can follow us on
or maybe you can grab a copy of our albums or go to our shows.

 What lies ahead for the band in 2016?
ALLY: Touring for sure. We miss the road and sleeping on the floor. We have some shows in Italy until July and some plans for Europe in September. We would like record a new album and do the same old stuff. We love the routine.