Friday, December 20, 2013

The Movement

     The Movement is a find of a band. On one hand, they are a throwback to the Brighton Beach days of Mods vs Rockers, while clearly playing for the Mod side. On the other hand they are a sociopolitical, pro union, anti-fascist band that stands firm in their message while wearing dapper looking Merc suits. So if Billy Bragg were in a band together with Bruce Foxton playing bass and looked like the classic Jam will give you an idea. Melodic, mod, power-pop influenced music waiting for willing ears that feels right at home on a This Is Mod compilation. 

Interview by Ed Stuart

Who’s answering the questions?
Lukas Sherfey.

Where is the band from?
Copenhagen / Denmark

Who is in the band and what instrument do they play?
Kasper Rasmussen / Drums
Sebastian Page / Bass
Lukas Sherfey / Guitar and Vocal

How did the band start?
I started the band years ago! I wanted to make a band with cool style, a good message, a band for the people, and that’s why I called it The Movement.

Can you talk about Fools Like You LP? What has the reception been so far?
Pretty good! The LP is released by a small label in Berlin and the CD is released by us The Movement Rec. I think people like the album, and it’s the first album since after the small break we had, I guess we know the direction for a new album now, straightforward with full power!

Do you think music can still be a vital force in such a disposable age?
Sure! That’s all we got! There’s just too much bad music at the moment. We are still here!

How is the Copenhagen/Denmark music scene? Is there a big mod scene there?
No there’s not a Mod scene here. We have a scooter club and some punk concerts now and then, but it’s small. We never really play in Denmark any more, only for some very important political stuff.

50 years ago people used to buy music and get their water for free, now people pay for water and get their music for free. How do you think this affects music in any way?
To be honest I like the whole piracy idea. We played in Russia last year and I never think that we have sold an album there, but hundreds of people were singing along and knew all the lyrics, and that’s great! Spread and share the music, we see ourselves as musicians from older times, we come to a new city get something to eat, we play and we drink and sleep, and we get a little money for that, that’s our life style. About the water thing, then I also think it absurd! They should put water fountains in every train station and every square, like how it used to be. 

If The Movement had decided to add a second guitar player and your choices were Mick Jones, Pete Townshend and Paul Weller. Who would you choose? Why?
Well today it would be Paul Weller, because he’s living in the present and he’s still going strong!

In an interview with Oi! Oi! Music, Lukas stated “We still want to be political band, but we want to bring the political stuff into a more mainstream audience. Otherwise it’s just preaching for the converted.”  Can you explain a little further on this comment? A lot of bands are happy just playing to their core audience without moving on. Why the difference for The Movement?
We also wanna play for our crowd of cause, but when it comes down to a message that you feel for then you want to spread it as far as possible! I don’t expect or want the whole world to listen to mod music, but I want everybody to join a message of solidarity with the oppressed.

Also on Fools Like You, The Movement has filled the LP with half of the songs lyrics about politics and the other half of the song lyrics about love. It seems like by not having every song about politics would help the band reach a wider, especially a non-political, audience by doing this. Was this part of the game plan or did the music just fit love songs better?
I like Motown and Northern Soul and all those old 60’s love songs, which are our influence, and then also The Jam and The Clash etc. I thought it was a good mix to have half of the songs like that, on the next record it will properly be more political, because the left and the antifascist scene really needs it.

I know The Movement tours around Europe, mostly Germany, has there been any desire for the band to tour US or Canada?
No not really! I know all bands want to go to the USA, but it’s not my big goal. I wanna go to South America or Asia. But let’s see, some Red Skins groups in the US sometimes contact me; who want us to play solidarity shows for them, and it could be something interesting to do!

Where can people hear the band?
In this fall there are some shows around Germany!

What’s next for The Movement?
Start to work at a new album and play as much as possible!!

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