Friday, April 10, 2020

Song Premier! Fast Eddy - "Kill City"

The title Kill City is a reference to an old band that Lisandro belonged to called Kill City Bombers. The name Kill City is a personal reference to the band’s home Denver Colorado, and an homage to the legendary Iggy Pop. The culture of Denver has changed dramatically over the years, the song is a response to the gentrification of the city and the difficulty of artists to keep up. They slowly sink into isolation over the years, keeping to their roots, but rarely able to explore the old world of Fast Eddy; all night dice rolls, screaming guitars, and drums belting from the basement until seven AM. General group insanity. One thing that hasn’t changed, the group remain die hard servants of rock n’ roll, and hold strong at the forefront of everything it means to be a real rock n’ roll band in the modern age. 

From the band: 

We have saved this track for the release of our full length album, originally set to debut in May. Due to recent circumstances, we felt that it is our duty as a band to offer what we have to offer. We aren’t on the frontlines in the field of healthcare, we honestly aren’t able to help in a multitude of ways, but we can offer our sentiments through music, to those struggling in these trying times. 

This song relates to our own tribulations, and is a spark for us to ignite the strongest fuel that has kept our engines running through the worst of times, rock n roll. Please take it and use it to hold the reigns, man the helm, and brave the unknown waters ahead. Life is something we’ve all taken for granted, so brace yourself and know that it was always a blessing to be alive, and while you’re alive, treat yourself to some decent music. 

     -From Fast Eddy with love, here is Kill City.

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