Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Coronavirus vs. Rock n' Roll

Now that the moment has far gone by and everyone's moved on, we finally talk about Joker and for whatever reason compare it to Goodfellas?

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Next we tackle even more subjects we know very little about: Coronavirus vs. Rock n' Roll. How COVID-19 is affecting the music industry, venues, record stores etc.  Here is a pretty good article that says what we tried to.

Next we talk about "Dino Punk" - Relevant vs. Money Grab.  We don't mean any disrespect let's just get that out there.  These guys have earned all the respect in the world from us.  But when you see a band from 1977 or earlier and only one original member is still with them? Plus all the Black Flag Vs Flag kind of stuff going around? You gotta wonder, is this worth my money? 

 Our featured song is - Wyldlife - "Kiss and Tell"

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