Thursday, May 7, 2020

INTERVIEW The Lord: Josh Rutledge

Lord Rutledge joins the Audio Ammunition crew to discuss his introduction to punk rock , creating zines, and  blogging. Known as the former head honcho at Now Wave Magazine and the current  Faster and Louder  blog, Josh graces us with his knowledge and love of all things Rock 'n' Roll PRAISE THE LORD!

Check out this episode!

Check out Josh's blog Faster and Louder!

One of the things we talk about is Underground Medicine.  A fantastic vinyl record mail order run by fantastic people.  Check it out!

Here are a few more links to blogs we discuss on the episode. They are definitely worth checking out!

Our featured song on this episode is "Lil' Bit Everyday" by The Cheap Cassettes!  It's available on their EP See Her In Action.

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