Monday, August 13, 2018

August Reviews - Three more

Firestarter – First Album LP (Secret Mission)
Wow, it’s been twenty years since the original release date of First Album, I can’t believe it. There are a heap of modern bands that sound like this. Hmm, I wonder? Firestarter is three out of four members from Teengenerate, but sound nothing like them. Yes, Firestarter is the Fifi/Fink combo, but Fifi is the lead songwriter in this band. Firestarter leans more toward Raydios and Tweezers and writes ’77 punk/power-pop that rank right up there with The Boys, The Jam, and other greats of the era. If you only thought this family produced Teengenerate, you have been missing out for years and missed this underrated gem.  – Ed Stuart

Gloom Sleeper – Luminous Galaxies LP (Dirt Cult)
Oh those Germans dipping into their Cold War past have definitely unearthed the sounds of the era. Gloom Sleeper plays a post-punk/dark wave set in the ‘80’s, but doesn’t seem to stick on the melancholy side of it. Yes, there are notable Echo and The Bunnymen, Cure and even Smiths-y guitar and moody keys, but surprisingly, some the songs are upbeat and danceable. Too often these bands go straight for the Bauhaus gloom and doom, but Digital Galaxies isn’t afraid to get upbeat and add a little more punk to it’s post-punk songs. – Ed Stuart

Proud Parents – S/T LP (Dirtnap)
Dirtnap has officially released their first release from their new hometown of Madison, Wisconsin. Proud Parents, who I already mentioned are from Madison, filled their debut LP with plenty of jangle-garage-lo-fi-pop-punk lite songs. Originally started as a side project from Tyler (Fireheads) and Claire, the guitar/vocalists of Proud Parents, formed into a full four-piece band. Proud Parents, you could argue, could fit into Martha territory, but it’s earlier ‘80’s REM meets quirky pop.  – Ed Stuart


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