Sunday, February 7, 2010

Welcome To Audio Ammunition Blog

Welcome to Audio Ammunition! This blog was created with the primary goal of giving some press to smaller and lesser known bands. These bands put in a lot of time and work into their projects and need to get some press of any kind for their efforts.

Audio Ammunition can't be everywhere. We can't interview all the bands, reviews shows, take pictures, etc. So we're open to accepting interview submissions from others who want to contribute. Please email all inquiries to

No one is getting paid here so if you're expecting compensation you're at the wrong place.

If you're band is interested in being interviewed or written about, please send an e-mail to Bands please provide a link to MP3's and have a photo so we can post this information on the blog. How will future fans know what you look like and sound like without these links?


Audio Ammunition

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